About Us

Hi there. My name is Sharon and I am the owner of Jashasi                  

Now we know that it is an unusual name, so how did we come up with it? Well, it is made up of the first part of the names of the people in our family - JAmie (our son),
SHAron (me) and SImon (my husband). Luckily, I am still with my husband otherwise I may need to change it!!

The other thing we get asked often is how to pronounce it correctly. Is it Jash-a-si or Jash-ar-si. We say the latter but it's a bit like 'You say tom-a-to and I say tom-ar-to' - so let's call the whole thing off

We first started out in 2006 selling something completely different. We used to transfer pictures into cross-stitch patterns and sell them on Ebay as I used to love doing cross-stitch at the time and wanted to do my own patterns. We thought that maybe others would be in the same situation as us so wanted others to have the option to purchase something different to that being sold in the shops

Shortly after starting this, I wanted to make some jewellery for myself. So I purchased some charms and beads, used what I needed to and sold the rest on Ebay. They sold so well that I bought some more and the rest as they say is history...